Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Reading - A Reflection

As summer comes to a close, I just wanted to comment on reading in general.  I have always loved reading. I discovered the power of a good book when I was very young.  I remember my mother and grandmother reading or reciting fairy tales to me as a little girl.  I loved the images and pictures that would come to my mind or that were on the pages of the book.  I also remember my father constantly reading at night before bed. This was a habit I also got into.  Now, as an adult, my dad and I swap books, which are mainly non-fiction (we both love books on the Old West!) I really love sharing my thoughts on reading with my dad.  Although he lives over an hour away, it's something that helps keep us connected.

When I entered elementary school, we got to read every day.  The entire school began their day reading for 20 minutes and I loved it. I really loved books by Beverly Cleary, Alfred Hitchcock, Judy Blume, and my all time favorite, Laura Ingalls Wilder.  My friends and I would share great books and that is something that continued into my adulthood. Different friends, but it's the same thing.  We were doing informal book clubs before Oprah! 

Reading is an amazing and powerful thing.  It can take you away, make you think, and bring out emotions you might have thought you never had.  It can be inspiring and can awaken you to new ideas and thoughts. It can also be a great way to meet people and be exposed to new things.  Believe me, I could go on and on.

My goal and hope for all of you reading this, and for my future students, is to discover how powerful a book can be and also, how wonderful it is.  Our online conversations were great and I enjoyed hearing other people's thoughts and comments.  I hope you NEVER lose the joy of reading and keep it up throughout your lives!  See you in September!

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