Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jeremy Fink: A Great Ending

When I figured out what was in Jeremy's 13th birthday box, I wasn't that surprised. What else would be in the box instead of his father's memorable items (his collection of rocks that he found on his way through life) and a special letter for Jeremy? The letter was important. The most important person in Jeremy's life gave his advice about how to live his life. I think that it was a fantastic idea for Jeremy's dad to have started the rock collection. Each rock showed an amazing moment. Jeremy started his own "special rock collection," too. The first was: "Rock #1: From the day I realized that love is stronger than death and that people you barely know can amaze you, 13."
I think it was great that many people cared and helped Jeremy's dad make up a huge plan for Jeremy so that he could find the keys to his dad's box. The journey to find the keys was just as important as really finding them. How would you feel if you were Jeremy and you first realized that all these people wanted to help you to find those very important keys?

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  1. I would feel special because if that many people cared about me, I must mean something to them. I feel that way with my own family! By the way, I enjoyed your post!