Monday, August 22, 2011

Schooled Chapter 21

Poor nonathletic Capricorn Anderson,now popularand famous 8th grade president, finds himself at the bottom of a 20 man dog pile of football players because he is wearing the other teams uniform. The best tackle on the , Daryl, hit him first. Cap is so hurt, he cannot even get up himself and is helped off the field. The football team hears the coach yell while they're all thinking about Cap in the nurses office, especially the tackle, Darryl. The teachers find out that Hugh put Cap in the uniform and he gets the principals full wrath. Darryl seeks out Zach quickly after realizing that Zach and Hugh planned this. After arguing, the fists come out. Cap shows up and whimpers, "violence is not the answer", but no one heard him. Cap jumped in the middle of the fight only to be knocked out in one punch by the only one who cares about him now, Darryl. An ambulance shows up. The nurse escorts Cap to it. Darryl bursts out of the office and yells to Cap "I'm sorry! It was an accident, both times!" but it was too late. Cap was gone.
There are 10 more chapters in Schooled by Gordan Korman and many more lessons to be learned. I learned not to judge a person by their looks, get to know them first. I also learned not to be a bystander in a bad situation, my action can start a chain reaction to switch the situation around. If you want to know what happens next, I suggest reading this wonderful book. Will Sophie pass her drivers test? Will Rain walk again? Will Cap ever return to Claverage Middle School? To find out, take my advise and read the book.

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