Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Schooled Capters 1-10

Schooled is an entertaining book about Capricorn(Cap) Anderson, a home schooled boy from a community by the name of Garland Farm. The only residents are him and his hippie grandmother who he calls Rain. Rain was picking plums in a tree when she fell and broke her hip. Cap picks her up, put her in a car, and drives her to the hospital. Along the way, a police officer stops them and arrests Cap because he should not be driving. Meanwhile, Rain is brought to a hospital and is told she needs 8 weeks of rehab. Rain becomes furious when she is told that she needs 8 weeks of rehab and that Cap will need to live with a guardian until she is back on her feet, but Cap remains calm and accepts the fact that he will live with a guidance counselor from a public middle school, Mrs. Donelly and her high-strung, sixteen-year-old daughter, Sophie(who hates him). Cap begins attending Claverage Middle School, A.K.A C Average Middle School. Cap is very afraid because the only person he has had contact with is Rain. Have you ever been in a new situation like this? What did you do? Cap does not handle being the new kid in school, he just go through his daily routine without totally understanding what was happening during the school day. The closest Cap gets to having a friend is Hugh. Hugh, though, is not in the popular crowd and this makes Cap's life even worse. Cap cannot catch a break, Sophie dumps a bucket of water on his head because she does not understand his tai chi, to Zach Powers, a jock, sneaking disgusting objects into his locker just because he feels he can. In the real world, people can be very judgemental. People judge one another based on skin color, personal habits, popularity and even if you are physically in shape or not. It's a sad thought, but it is true. Just because someone does things a little differently does not mean they should be ignored or bullied. Have you ever been judged. Let me hear your thoughts.

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  1. "Just because someone does things a little differently does not mean they should be ignored or bullied."

    That's so true!

    -Mrs. Kleinknecht