Friday, August 12, 2011

Schooled: Chapters 12-21

To think ordinary Capricorn Anderson was arrested! All he was doing was driving Mr. Rodrigo to the hospital in a bus, there's nothing wrong with that; WRONG! This makes me think of when Sal in Walk Two Moons drives to find her mom, but then the police officer brings her back to the hospital. Sophie was so excited when her dad gave her a bracelet that he had to take back to get engraved, but what happens when her Dad leaves! Finally Cap is starting to make friends beside from Hugh Winkleman, and I really think Naomi Erlander has changed for good. Wait, scratch that thought, Cap has made tons of friends just because of a tie-dyeing "party." What I don't get is how Mr. Kasigi expects Cap to have Student Funds money. So when Mr. Kasigi and Cap open up a bank account for it how does Mr. Kasigi expect Cap to use the money wisely? Of course Cap uses it for expensive things for the Halloween dance and gives thousands of money to school spare change charity buckets. And because of one of Cap's "charitable" donations Cap is now popular and Naomi's finally falling for Cap. Now Zach Powers thinks it's the end of the world and Cap is ruining "his" year. YEAH RIGHT! Zach's last resort is to team up with Hugh to get rid of of Cap. Right before the pep rally Hugh brought Cap into the locker to dress him up as a football player, except for Rhinecliff the opposing team! What do you think you will happen next?

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