Monday, August 8, 2011

Schooled Chapters 24-25

In chapter 24, the students find out that the Halloween Dance is canceled because Cap is no longer a student at C Average Middle School. The students start to wonder where he is. Naomi finds out from a teacher that she should not ask Mr. Kasigi about Cap. Mr. Kasigi gets emotional when Cap's name is mentioned. Also a notice is posted that says:
Due to unfortunate circumstances, the Halloween Dance has been called off.

By then no one wanted to say it but what they where thinking is what if he is dead. Naomi and Lena decide to get to the bottom of it. They find out that he stayed at the Donnelly's, and go there to find him. When they get there Mrs. Donnelly tells them that he isn't there anymore. Naomi finally said out loud, "What if he is dead?"

In chapter 25, Zach explains that he doesn't believe any of the rumors about Cap. He also is angry that his year at was ruined, and that his name is no longer important to anyone. Then he realized that the only way to be known again was to pretend to believe the rumors about Cap. And that is what he did. He made a flyer about a tribute to Cap in the parking lot, and to not tell or show any teachers.

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