Thursday, August 25, 2011

Schooled In The End

In the end Cap goes back to living at Garland with Rain. Cap is driving on the dirt roads on Garland property when he gets pulled over by the police. Cap tried to tell him that it is Garland’s property, but the police officer tells Cap that it now belongs to Skyline Realty and Development. Cap did not understand. When Cap is waiting for Rain at the police station a shiny new Mercedes car pulls up. A blonde lady talking on her cell phone got out. She reached back in and got a cane. It was Rain’s cane! Rain came in and talked to Cap about how she sold Garland because eventually she would die and Cap would have to live on his own. If Cap had very little experience, like he does now, he would have a very hard time. Rain had bought a condo. For now he is going to stay at the Donnelly’s house until the condo is ready, and will be attending Claverage Middle School again.

The ending of the book schooled was good. It was a very happy ending but it was not realistic. If someone had created and lived at a place like Garland for so long would they really just give up all of their beliefs that easily? Rain really did not like how the world revolves around money and has felt that way for so long. Why would she give up her life at Garland so quickly?

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  1. Veronica,
    I like your point of view about the ending of the book. You made a very good point when you said that someone like Rain would have a difficult time giving up her unique lifestyle. However, it is also very true that Cap could not expect to live at Garland alone his whole life. Sometimes, adults make sacrifices for their loved ones or family and I think this is an example of that.