Friday, August 5, 2011

Jeremy Fink: The Ending

I just finished the book. Wow. The last two chapters were very good and interesting. The author answered all of my questions about the keys, what was inside the box, Lizzy's card, and what was up with Mr. Oswald.
When Jeremy read the letter that was inside the "meaning of life" box, I felt sad for him. I kept thinking that Jeremy's dad should have been able to explain the meaning of life in person, not in a letter. Even though it wasn't fair for Jeremy, it still meant a lot that his dad wrote the letter to help him understand his version of things.
I was impressed that Jeremy's dad got Mr. Oswald , the locksmith, and his mom to help him. He worked hard to plan everything to show Jeremy that there is more than one meaning of life.
If my dad or mom did all of that for me, I would feel very proud of them, and I would feel good about myself. I hope I can do that one day for my kids. Once I figure out the meaning of life, I would like to be able to help them (in person). Would you do that for your kids?

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