Monday, August 22, 2011

Schooled Chapters 16-20

Sadly, after only a few days, Mr. Donnelly left without a goodbye. Sophie was crushed. She wouldn't receive her birthday bracelet. Cap realizing that she would never get the bracelet buys the same one with the schools money for the dance and engraves, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE". Most of all though, Sophie has no one to show her how to drive. Mrs. Donnelly doesn't get home until later and Cap cannot legally drive so Cap kind of ignores the situation. As Cap is watching a TV show, Trigonometry and Tears, Cap learns that sometimes, things just fall into place. He likes this theory and begins using it in his own life. This is one reason he is ignoring the Halloween dance. As Cap's acquaintances buy materials for the dance, Mr. Kasigi, a committee volunteer, gets mad at Cap for not consulting the school budget. Later, Mrs Donnelly calls Mr. Kasigi 4 times and leaves 4 messages before he actually returns a call. She calls for a check-up on Cap. She learns a lot about what's going on at Claverage such as the tie-dyeing clinic, Cap's Tai Chi classes, and finally starting the Halloween dance. Sophie thinks she finally received her birthday bracelet. Cap's bracelet came in the mail. Sophie was overjoyed to read "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE", and it changes her feelings about life as well. Sophie becomes nice.... Well, nicer than before when she would want to kill Cap. Sophie and Cap watch Trigonometry and Tears together and not one harsh statement is said as opposed to the usual Sophie and Cap argument over a TV show.

Nice things can come up in the blink of an eye. Opening a present, hitting a home run, scoring a touch down... These are all great surprises that sometimes change your way of thinking about life or a person. Have you had something great happen to you?
Oddly, at the next Tai Chi meeting, Hugh Winkleman, Cap closest acquaintance, is tripped by most likely, a jock. Now that Cap is "popular", Hugh is next on the "to be bullied list". This is a huge step in the right direction for Cap as a student at this school,but what about Hugh? Also, Naomi, the girl who directed Cap to the hospital, was a soon to be a target. Her crush on her best friend's boyfriend got out, and her popularity status went down. Therefore, she started making moves on Cap, trying to up her popularity again. She also told Cap about the school participating in the March of Caring and donations being needed. Cap pulled out a checkbook which held all the money for the dance and wrote a check for $1,000.00 and gave it to Naomi. Everybody in the room went nuts over the fact that the check is real and how generous Cap is. Cap and Hugh ran to the bathroom and hid because the commotion was too much for them. Cap had not meant to, but he insulted Hugh by saying he couldn't believe the feeling of having so many people like him while Hugh hasn't had one second of popularity in his life. Hugh was through with Cap. Naomi, on the other hand, was just getting started and burst into the men's bathroom, hugged Cap while planting a kiss on his lips and left. While leaving, she said "To be continued".

People do nice things all the time. It makes us feel good. There are so many examples in the real world such as buying someone just what they wanted or in Cap's position, donating to a cause. Have you ever done something really nice? If so, what?
Zach Powers, the coolest kid in school, becomes jealous of Cap because he took over his place as best known in school. Cap took over this position by donating thousands of dollars to several charities. As coolest kid in school, Cap took Zach's chair at the lunch table. Zach angrily turned away and collided with, now, the biggest dork in school, Hugh Winkleman. Instead of hitting Hugh as usual, Zach looked at his face which had the same expression as Zach's, my friend(s) doesn't want me any more. So Zach and Hugh sat down together to talk. What started as a talk became a confession about how Zach set Cap up to be the 8th grade president. After the talk, Hugh and Zach make a plan to set up Cap at the upcoming pep rally. Then, out of the corner of their eyes, the two of them see Naomi wipe Cap's face for him. Hugh mumbled, "To be continued."
Jealousy is an emotion in which you feel upset that something did not go the way you had hoped. Right now Hugh and Zach are jealous of Cap's sudden popularity and they do not know how to handle that emotion. They take it to the extreme and Cap gets hurt. People are always jealous of others. Sometimes bad things happen when you get jealous of someone, you might do something you would normally not do. What is a situation in which you have been jealous?

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