Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Schooled Chapters 13-15

-A nice surprise happens to Sophie in chapter 13. Her father (Mrs. Donelly's ex-husband) returns. He had been gone for several months. Sophie, relied on him to teach her to drive since she has a permit. When he left the only one who could remotely teach Sophie to drive was Cap. He took her out once and got away with it. Mrs. Donelly was out so Cap was able to take her car and give Sophie advise. When Mr. Donelly returned, the first thing he did was take Sophie for a drive. Taking Sophie to drive wasn't the only nice thing he did for her. He got her an engraved silver necklace for her birthday (which was 7 months ago).

A surprise occurs to any person on earth daily. I remember it was a nice surprise to me when I had mentioned I would like a laptop, but it wasn't on my Christmas list and my aunt bought me one for Christmas. Has something nice happened to you?

-Then in chapter 14, Cap finally starts planning the Halloween dance. He does not want too, but he knows he has to complete the job. While watching one of Sophie's favorite shows, the cast has a school dance, he likes some of their ideas. Also another school in town had a dance, so Cap took the ideas from them and started planning. Cap goes all out buying the best money can buy. He figures if he has to do it, it better be good.

People delay planning events in the real world all the time. I know I forget and get a late start on events. This can lead to some stressful situations. Is it better to get the job done fast and not good or wait and think about it and do an amazing job?

-In chapter 15, Cap hits a breakthrough with the students at school. Hugh Winkleman, Cap's main friend at school asked him to hang out. Cap declined. Therefor, Hugh asks if they can go to the store where Cap bought his tie-dyed shirt. Hugh was surprised when Cap said he tie-dyed it himself. Cap then offered to teach Hugh how. This was cool! Before school, they snuck into the art room to tie-dye. Suddenly, the art teacher came in and caught them. Luckily she realized they were tie-dying and fell in love with Cap, instead of getting him in trouble. Word got around that Cap knew how to do this and BINGO! Cap had students voluntarily speak to him.

Breakthroughs occur all the time, they could be little like Cap's or something huge. I remember when my dog finally started listening to me. It felt great that he trusted me enough to listen. Were you ever in a situation where something little changed the whole outcome?

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  1. T-Ros,

    In my house, we love surprises, and when either my wife of myself travels away from home for a few days, our kids always know that there is a surprise coming when we get home. I am hoping that they will remember this and pass this along to their own kids.

    You used the term "breakthroughs"--I love that term. I am fascinated by where ideas come from, especially good ones! We tend to think that ideas happen spontaneously and we have solutions to great problems in a moment. But that's not always how breakthroughs happen. I am sure your dog didn't just suddenly start listening to you. You probably tried for a long time before that day, but he just wasn't ready. Breakthroughs can take some time.

    Thanks for this post!