Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Schooled: So Far

So far in Schooled I'm up to chapter 12. Schooled is about a boy named Capricorn Anderson who lives with his grandmother Rain in their "hippie" community, Garland. After Rain falls out of a tree and has to go to hospital, Cap is forced to move in with a former Garland hippie, Mrs. Donnelly and her judging daughter, Sophie who is totally embarrassed by Cap.

When Cap starts school it is almost time for Student Council Election. Zach Powers, the most popular guy in school, is planning on nominating Hugh Winkleman, a kid who gets wedgies everyday, but then once Capricorn comes and Zach sees how weird and different he is he nominates him, and Cap gets elected for Student Council president. Cap doesn't even know anything about government!

Once Cap gets elected the "popular" kids start harassing him. They make a fake girl fall in love with him, put impossible suggestions in the suggestion box, and give him directions to fake meetings. Then when the bus driver, Mr. Rodrigo has a heart attack while driving, Cap takes over to bring him to the hospital, when something tragic happens. And just when him and Sophie were just starting to get along!

Now I won't tell you anymore because you can read it yourself. So far I'm thinking that Naomi Erlanger is going to change the most since she seems like she feels bad for Capricorn. I don't think it's fair for Cap to get harassed just because he is new, different, and doesn't know anything.


  1. Out of all of the Buzz Books, this one has intrigued me the most, and I can't wait to pick it up. It reminds me of a movie I watched when I was younger, only after growing up much like Cap does, the main character rejects that life and becomes an FBI agent. Slightly different, and judging from how you and others have described Cap, I don't think that will be his fate.

    Keep reading and let us know which other books you recommend after this one!

  2. It's an entertaining book. Reminds of of Hoot and other Hiassen books for young readers.