Thursday, July 21, 2011

HBW Reads: Schooled

Schooled by Gordon Kormon-Chapters 1-11

"When we lock things away," he said with conviction, "we're really imprisoning ourselves."
This is exactly how Capricorn Anderson feels, imprisoned inside of C Average Middle School knowing no one and nothing, and being locked away from Garland Farm,his family, and his home.

Cap is a very interesting guy. Everyoneone else at C Average Middle School agrees which is why they have nominated him as eighth grade president, the laughing stock of the school. Cap is perfect for president, but as time passes, some of the eighth graders have realized that Cap is too good for the job.

Cap has changed from a laughing stock to the eighth grade president hero. This is because of Cap trying to adapt in the real world. Although he meditates in front of his locker everyday, he will step up and accept a challenge such as driving a school bus and risk being arrested. It is up to Cap do whatever it takes to be the best eighth grade president C Average Middle School ever had.


  1. Sometimes I feel like this about society . . . that it accepts a "C average" kind of mentality. Nobody seems to want to challenge themselves or think "out of the box."

  2. ...and sometimes the person who "thinks outside the box" is the same person who doesn't get better than a C when in school. We need the creative thinkers and inventors of new ideas AND the lifelong learners who strive for excellence! Once I finish this mystery novel I'm reading, I'll be starting Schooled for a little Cap magic.

  3. I just finished reading Schooled and I found it disturbing how the students at C Average were behaving so poorly toward Capricorn. They didn't want to accept him just because he was different! When Cap left C Average it was then everybody felt differently and realized how much they grew to like him. We should always embrace and celebrate differences. These differences make us each unique.