Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jeremy Fink: Chapters 1-3

After reading chapters 1-3 of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life, I think it is a very well-written, suspenseful story. I also like all of the dialogue. I especially like how Lizzy (Jeremy's best friend) and Jeremy plan out how they will search for the four keys to open his dad's special box. Jeremy's dad died five years ago. Before he died, he made the unique box to give to Jeremy on his 13th birthday. Inside the box is the "meaning of life." If I was Jeremy, I would look for a person who could pick locks. I think it would be almost impossible to find four keys that fit the key holes hidden all around New York City.
I would get butterflies in my stomach and feel sad if I got a special box for my birthday from my dad who died five years ago. How would you feel?


  1. I would be sad, excited, curious & shocked... Mrs. Kleinknecht

  2. If I got a mysterious box from my father on my thirteenth birthday, after he died, I would be sad. I would be sad because I'd really miss him. It would be a reminder that he's not there. But for every person that would be sad there might be someone who would be excited....

  3. If I got an amazing, mysterious box like Jeremy did, I would be very excited to open it. Even though I would be sad that the box came from my dead dad, I would also be so happy that he thought of me. I know I would never get another box like that, so I would treat it with respect.