Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Blog

Hello everybody! I had this problem so I am willing to give you advice on how to blog. Blogging is over thought A LOT! It is actually quite simple. Here are 3 very easy steps to blogging.

1. Summarize!

Whether it is 8 chapters or a whole book, find the main ideas and string them together in the order that they occurred.

2. Relate it to the World

(I suggest this right after your summarizing) Now that you've hopefully read at least a part of the book and you know ideas from the book, think what you would do if this happened to you or a close friend or family member. This is a HUGE eye catcher!

Finally #3. Question the Reader

An easy way to get people to reply to your post is to ask questions! Get their brains working and ask for answers from opinions to what do you think will happen next.

Order means nothing, but this is how I look at it. If you follow this order though, your blogging life will be easier.

Thank you for your time. Did this help you?

1 comment:

  1. TROS2018,

    What an excellent idea! As one of the organizers of this project, I must have been asked that question at least once a day since we started. You offer some truly great ideas for people who are struggling with what to write. My favorite one you suggested is the one where you make connections to the world. That is the main reason I write for the various blogs that I do.

    Can't wait to read your post on the 12th!