Monday, July 11, 2011

Jeremy Fink

The adventures of Jeremy and Lizzy are quite humorous! Lizzy's carefully laid out plans have provided suspense and comedy so far. Poor Jeremy must be completely shaken up! As I'm reading this story, I'm wondering about Jeremy's mom. She's been behind the scenes for most of the book so far. Will she play a part in helping Jeremy open the box? Afterall, she knew about it and probably knew her husband pretty well.

Also, I've just been introduced to Jeremy and Lizzy's new twin neighbors. Their personalities are far too interesting to not be included in the book in some way. I'm looking forward to seeing how they play their parts.

It seems as though Jeremy's struggle will continue with plenty of laughs, trials, and mishaps!

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  1. Ms. Lopez,

    I agree, I'd love to know more about Jeremy's mother's role in the whole box scenario. Putting myself in her shoes, which I know is nearly impossible to imagine, I don't know that I'd be able to handle what the box presents. I'm intrigued to get to this book.